Preparing For Your Move

Once you’ve decided to become part of the Prestige Assisted Living family, it’s time to start preparing for your move! Here are some tips to help make your move as smooth as possible:


  • Complete all paperwork required for the move.
  • Get packing! Decide how you will pack… will you do it yourself, or have help from family, friends, or a mover?
  • Decide how you’ll move, and who will help you.
  • Decide what you’ll be bringing to your new home.
  • Organize your important papers, such as medical records, birth certificate, tax records, etc.


  • Have a garage sale, or donate items you will no longer need.
  • Time to start packing!
  • Fill out a change of address card at your local post office, or online.
  • Notify all banks, financial institutions, pension plans, creditors, utility companies, and insurance companies of new address.
  • Arrange to turn off services the day after your move, such as electricity, water, gas, phone, cable, newspapers, etc.


  • Notify your doctor and dentist of your move, and your new address.
  • Transfer any prescriptions to a new pharmacy if necessary, and make sure you have sufficient supplies on hand.
  • If you have a pet, decide how to take care of the pet on moving day.
  • Pack an overnight bag with two days of clothing, prescriptions, and necessities such as toiletries.
  • Pack any critical items together, and things you will need immediately; such as your checkbook, driver’s license and social security card, wallet, personal phone book, flashlight, keys, and important documents. Clearly label this box so that you can keep it with you during the move.
  • Line up someone to clean your home after you leave if needed.


  • Set aside your overnight bag, your “important” box, and any other personal items such as a purse, to personally take with you.
  • Empty the refrigerator.
  • Confirm any plans you have made with a mover, or friends that may be helping you move, as well as anyone cleaning your home after you leave.


  • Get up early to avoid having to rush, which can add stress.
  • Make sure and set aside time to eat a balanced breakfast and lunch, and take all prescription medicines on time.
  • If you are using a moving service, go over the paperwork carefully with them, and exchange mobile phone numbers for the move.
  • Make any final safety and perimeter checks before leaving the house, such as checking the settings on the heat/air conditioning/fans, water shut off, lights off, doors and windows locked, etc.

You did it! Make sure and call your friends and family members to let them know you’ve settled in. And relax and enjoy your new home!


Our Mission is to offer our residents a homelike atmosphere which allows them to be as independent as possible in a safe and healthy environment.